The Softwareproducts of KNOTENPUNKT

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The Knotenpunkt team is composed of specialists of the 3D Computer Graphics Imaging field. Key team members have been involved with software development and 3D scanning for over 10 years. We has extensive experience in both ends of the graphics spectrum ranging from the arts to engineering.

PointMaster V3.5

PointMaster is a supplement to conventional
CAD-CAM-Systems in the area of Reverse Engineering, prototyping and freeform design. Those who have to establish the CAD-data on the basic of a prototype or a handmade model will find a useful help in PointMaster because it provides all the necessary tools you need. PointMaster also offers the perfect tools for those who have to produce tool-regulated milling paths in an uncomplicated and quick way.

CNC-Motion control HMC V1.5

Knotenpunkt is also a technology leader in digital signal processor-based motion control solutions. The specific work with the HMC is scanning and milling on regular milling machines. Our customers get an economical, yet high performance and full-featured 6-axis plus a 2*spindle CNC control solution.
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